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Kimwa Construction is among the leading pioneers in the Visayas and Mindanao area in the field of construction building materials such as ready-mix concrete and quality aggregate production.  Kimwa operates various Concrete Batching Plants, Rock Crushing Plants & Concrete Block Manufacturing Plants for over 38 years.  

Kimwa Construction
maintains superior value through continuing technical innovation, product complementation, manufacturing cost reduction, market leadership and competitive, responsible pricing. The performance of our Products and Services can be guaranteed by ourselves, and we service these products efficiently and professionally. We will not sell products which do not provide a genuine advantage in value or performance, nor will we compromise on specifications to the detriment of our customers.


Kimwa Construction started in the Construction Materials business way back in 1974 and was registered with the  Securities and Exchange Commission on July 17 of the same year.  Since then, Kimwa has been consistently one of the biggest supplier of Ready Mixed Concrete, construction blocks, and of quality aggregates in the Visayas and Mindanao.

Part of the various services that Kimwa Construction provides is the on site installation of Concrete Batching Plants and their various equipments for the customer’s various projects by providing on site Batching of Ready Mix Concrete.  Our Technical knowledge and experience in the supply of Ready Mix Concrete has brought Kimwa Construction to Bohol, Butuan, Legaspi City, Roxas, Iloilo & Cagayan De Oro.



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